Wiggly Wrench

"That's such a silly question to ask a gnome of my status! There are plenty of reasons to carry multiple wrenchs on a battlefield that if you cannot think of any that isn't my problem!" - Nisovin

The Wiggly Wrench is an item that gives an instant repair of all armor pieces at the cost of 7-8 gold and consumes the wrench. Wrenches have a thirty second cooldown period after use, which is indicated in chat. This cooldown is activated after using a wrench.

Despite the lore, Nisovin no longer carries wrenches, as he like all other heroes has his armor tied to his hat, and doesn't have to worry about armor.

Upgrade Effects: Edit

This Wiggly Wrench upgrade gives a dwarf Wiggly Wrenches when they initially start the game in the custom loadouts found in the lobby.

Upgrade Level Effect Cost Loadout Points
Wiggly Wrenches I 2 Wiggly Wrenches 3,000 Gold 4
Wiggly Wrenches II 4 Wiggly Wrenches 6,000 Gold 8
Wiggly Wrenches III 7 Wiggly Wrenches 9,000 Gold 12