""You can hold a torch while running as well to see in the darkness young warrior. Don't forget that." - Lance Willakers"


Torches are an essential item for dwarves due to the effects of blindness a dwarf experiences without them. Holding a torch will negate this blindness. Torches are vital to dwarven survival as without them, they will be blinded while walking in the dark or at night.

Crafting Edit

To craft torches, find the Oil and right click with Sticks. One stick can be converted into one torch.

Trivia Edit

  • Pre-Summer update, zombies and wolverines, while in full darkness, gained a strength buff while under the effects of Fury of the Night.
  • Having a Lightbow in your kit makes you immune to blindness.
  • Holding the Axe of Malice will affect you in the same way as holding a torch.