Super Creepers were removed when the June update was released. This is due to the upgrade Safefall which got rid of most of their usefulness.

Super Creepers Edit

As their name suggests, this was a more powerful form of the creeper. They did an additional 4 hearts of damage, resulting in a total of 12 hearts of damage. This could easily kill dwarves that are taking a lot of damage, but they had another asset to kill dwarves with ease.

Super Creepers had massively increased knockback, and the way Minecraft works, if a Super Creeper was to explode below a dwarf, that dwarf was sent flying up about a hundred blocks.

Super Explosion Edit

Super Explosion worked the same way and a Creeper's Explosion did, except it had twice the delay before exploding.

Super Explosion was given to Super Creepers a few seconds after they spawned, because players as Zombies would accidentally left click and explode early.