"Decreases the durability of your armor by 50%, but increases your movement speed by 30%."

Costs Edit

This costs 20,000 Lobby Gold to purchase.

This costs 8 points to equip.

Abilities Edit

When equipped, Studded Runeleather reduces a dwarf's armor durability by half, but increases their movement speed by 30%.

Note: This shows up as a slowness debuff, it is a negative slowness to give a dwarf a positive speed boost.

Class Usage Edit

Studded Runeleather grants its users a lot of mobility, but also significantly reduces the time they can spend in combat. Since you only have 500 armour points while using Studded Runeleather, you will find that your armour will take damage very quickly. For this reason, you should pack some wrenches if your loadout employs the use of Studded Runeleather. Use your wrenches sparingly, and avoid using them too liberally in the early game, unless you are sure you have enough to help you survive in the end game.

While using Studded Runeleather, always try to fight near the shrine. Since you have a lower amount of armour points, the passive armour repair from the shrine will have a much larger effect on you (needs testing). This passive armour repair helps to keep your armour repaired even when the other dwarves do not repair you. Once the shrine gold depletes, start to fall back early. Since Studded Runeleather armour degrades very quickly, there is nothing worse than being unable to wrench while falling back, and subsequently getting killed. If you want to stay and help dwarves fall back, it helps to fight near the edge of the shrine protection. This way, you can help retreating dwarves by killing the mobs on their tail, and if you find yourself taking too much damage, you can easily fall back into shrine protection yourself.

Studded Runeleather grants you the ability to outrun slower, lethargic mobs such as the Iron Golem. It also makes it harder for skeletons to shoot you. While using Studded Runeleather, keep moving. If you stay still, it increases the chance of you getting your armour shredded by a wither skeleton or a sneaky golem, both of which only require 3-4 hits to completely destroy your armour. By keeping on the move, you minimise the amount of damage taken by mobs, and hence reduce the damage on your armour.

TL;DR, remember the golden tips while using Studded Runeleather:

  • Keep moving
  • Fall back early
  • Stay near shrine
  • Pack wrenches
  • Don't be overly aggressive