This page is for normal dwarven mortar obtainable by crafting. For the upgraded version go to Super Mortar.

"Fill in the cracks jimmy. Once we lose the wall, we are as good as dead. Fill the cracks." - Bruce Willakers


Mortar is a common craftable item accessible to dwarves that is used to reinforce walls.


Mortar is crafted from dipping Bowls into Oil

Logs --> Wooden Planks --> Sticks --> Bowls --> Mortar
Wooden Plank


Mortar is used by left-clicking. The piece of mortar will be consumed and any Cobblestone, Cracked Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone Bricks, and Stone Bricks in front of the player will be turned into Stone bricks or Blue bricks depending on when the mortar is applied. Regular stone is not affected.

Using a piece of mortar will upgrade a 7x7x7 cubic area in front of the player.

Using mortar before the mobs are released results in blue bricks and using it after results in stone bricks.

NOTE : Left-clicking with mortar will use it, whether or not there are blocks to be upgraded. This means it can be wasted easily if not careful.

NOTE: After the Nismas Update, left-clicking with mortar on a wall after mobs are released has a 10% chance of making the stone blue.