The monsters are the attackers and main enemies of the dwarves. Their goal is to kill all the dwarves or destroy all of the shrines. During the day, all dead dwarves are kept in the lobby. Once night falls they are all released as monsters. Any player that joins after nightfall is automatically a monster.

There is one main monster class, the Zombie. The Zombie is good for melee combat with dwarves. It has its own upgrade tree that allow them to become stronger. There are also special monsters that spawn randomly through the game. The Wolverine, Spiderling, Rat, Ogre, Flame Lancer, Wither Skeleton, Goblin, and Iron Golem. Each special monster has a limit before no more can spawn.

Monster have resistance 3 (60% damage reduction) with the exception of ogres who have 80% reduction and 95% arrow immunity.

Dragons can also rarely appear. They are controlled by admins, and are much more dangerous than any other monster. Daragor is the only one to have appeared recently.

Monsters Edit