This page is for the Monster version. For the Dwarf version go to Mana(Dwarves) .

Mana is represented by the experience bar above the hotbar. It is the "currency" used by monsters to upgrade their abilities. However, this "currency" only lasts for the current round, and cannot be traded between monsters.

Monsters that die to plague start with 500 mana. There are also several ways for them to gain it:

  • All monsters passively earn 3 mana per second when acting as monsters (mana cannot be gained in the lobby area of the map).
  • Breaking torches gives 5 mana to a monster.


  • Rats gain 55 mana rather than the standard 5 mana from breaking torches.
  • Dwarves that die late into the game will become a monster with a mana bonus directly proportional to the duration of thegame they were a dwarf for
  • If the player uses the Plagued Class, they can get mana proportional to how many quests they completed as a squire, with a maximum of 500.

Mana can be spent on the Zombie upgrade tree. Special monsters that appear every once in a while cannot be upgraded using mana or by any other means. There is a cap of 1000 mana, but the final upgrade for the zombie trees is only 500 mana.