This page is for the dwarven version. For the monster version go to Mana(Monsters).

Mana is the lifeblood of all dwarves, allowing them to use their healing item. Mana is represented by the experience bar above the toolbar. Dwarves start with 1000 mana, as this is the maximum amount of mana a dwarf can have. Mana regenerates over time and normally increases by 25 every second, but this regeneration slows if a dwarf's armor begins to lose durability.


Armor Edit

In place of the normal "hunger bar," above the right side of the experience bar, there is an indication of the durability of dwarven armor. When the armor bar has decreased to 3 levels of durability, dwarves will be unable to sprint and the amount that mana regenerates over time will decrease. When this has decreased to 2 levels of durability, dwarves will lose 3 mana about every 5 seconds. After this has decreased to 1 1/2 levels of durability, the amount of mana lost over time will increase.

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