Diamond hoe 192
"Forged in Light, the blade will shrine Green on the destruction of your enemies, paving the way to Glory."

The Holy Blade is a special cosmetic weapon used by Paladins in place of a Dwarven Runeblade, and is their primary choice of killing monsters at close range.

The Holy Blade and its variations are all capable of activating a PROC.

Variations Edit

Obtaining Edit

Dwarves using the Paladin title after purchasing Super Jimmy and dwarves playing as RoaminThePaladin start the game with the Holy Blade.

Trivia Edit

  • Like the Runeblade, the Holy Blade cannot use Vanilla blocking, as it's a re-textured Diamond Hoe. This does have the side effect of it being able to till soil.
  • The Holy Blade is actually functionally a downgrade, as due to it being a hoe not an axe it can't break the vines infiltrator skeletons place as fast as a runeblade.