"With this ale, you gain 6 absorption hearts every time you drink from it and are fully healed. These hearts, do not stack." This costs 8 points for custom classes and uses 100 mana per use.

Compared to the other efficient ale, Jimmy Juice, the Holy Ale is the most efficient healing item currently in the game. The downside is that a dwarf must constantly check his health to make sure he does not die, but the upside is the dwarf is more mana efficient (uses less mana overtime) compared to Jimmy Juice.

*Holy Ale

Holy Ale is 100 mana, but also gives you 6 absorption hearts. As long as you heal at about the same time Jimmy Juice triggers, they are equal in efficiency (Jimmy juice heals for 5 to 8, so you need to heal for 4 to 7 because you get 6 extra hearts), however users of this Potion will often wait until you are down to 10 hearts or lower. Holy Ale also has the added benefit of 6 extra hearts simply because you can put the buff up before you lose any mana, although this is a very minor benefit.* -Rurikar

To view the differences between Jimmy Juice and Holy Ale, here is a graph: [By reddit user: "figsandthings"]

Full Reddit post about the "Great Juice Debate":