Description Edit

Heroes are special dwarves that are chosen at the beginning of the game that are very powerful characters and typically lead the dwarves into battle. If played correctly they can be some of the last ones alive.

Bruce Willakers Edit

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Bruce is the main hero out of three. He is under some sort of curse to relive the last fight of the dwarves, forever. If there are any heroes in the game, Bruce is one of them.

Weapons and Items Edit

  • Excaliju
  • Virendra
  • Horn of the Buffalo
  • Bruce Juice
  • Scrolls of Magic Stone (EZ Fix Slabs)
  • Wizard Mortar
  • Bruce's Beard (Gives the player 20 extra hearts, see Armor )

Nisovin's Illusion Edit

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Nisovin is a gnome character that sends out an illusion of himself on the battlefield to aid the dwarves. He has a proficiency in magic and machinery. Additionally he is harder to hit because of his smaller then average size. The Wand of Limited Probabilities has the ability to do 1 of 5 spells. To view the the spells, go to the full page.

Weapons and Items Edit

Roamin The Paladin Edit

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He is the rank 11 crime solving paladin.

Weapons and Items Edit

  • Reighteous Fury
  • Roamin Juice
  • Holy Purifier
  • Lightbow

Strategies Edit

For more in-depth strategies see Hero Tactics

  • Knocking back enemies with Virendra is fairly easy because of its Knockback 10
  • Spamming the horn will be valuable to all of the dwarves because it gives them all a free PROC
  • Using the Holy Purifier then attacking them with your Holy Blade can make getting PROCs very easy
  • Spamming your Holy Purifier against very large hordes of zombies can be useful but only in life or death
  • As Nisovin most of your weapons are ranged so stay on the walls and pick of zombies, but aim for special monsters

History/Changes Edit

  • Pre Nisovin nerf nisovin's Tinderflame could 1 shot any mob even golems