• The Entrance to the Keep
  • Tunnel to the Boltazeer
  • Boltazeer Shrine
  • The Vale
  • The Vale and Quarry
  • The Underhang Shrine
  • Path to the Forward Shrine
  • The Underhang
  • The Forward Shrine
  • The Bridge and Mob Spawn
  • Mob Spawn
  • The Forest
  • The Forest and Vale


Submitted to PlayMindcrack as part of the map competition by dropbearloc, Grapevine Vale entered rotation shortly after the server move from PlayMindcrack to Buffalo Wizards. It stayed in the primary Rotation until the Summer 2015 update when it was removed entirely. It was one of the most popular maps of its time and returned to DvZ as part of the Game Master Mode.


Hidden in a shroud of mountain, this Dwarven Vineyard was inhabitated by the richest of Dwarves, and they lived comfortably behind their Vale. However, they could not have been more foolish. The monsters drive to feast on shrines is unstoppable, and even Grapevine was found, a Monster Portal erected, and the shrines dispatched.