Game Start: The First day! Edit

During the first day of Dwarves vs. Zombies, the dwarves have to prepare for the upcoming battle! The dwarves will need to gather their weapons, Armor, stone, gold, torches, mortar, and build their defenses before nightfall. The first day (11 minutes) is the only time the dwarves get to prepare for battle before the horde of zombies attack.

The First Night!Edit

The first night begins with the Plague event that kills a few unlucky dwarves, who will then play as monsters these monsters will receive double Mana. Players with Coward Points have a higher chance of being plagued. The remaining dwarves then defend the first shrine against the monsters in the darkness of night until daybreak. The monsters must destroy the first shrine before moving on to the second shrine.

2nd Day and onwardEdit

At about 20 minutes in, the sun will rise, and any fury zombies or wolves in the sun will not receive the ability to mana steal. Eventually, a Doom Clock Event or night comes and the dwarves keep defending through the cycle until the first and second shrine fall.

Solar EclipseEdit

Notice: This function is no longer in the game.

Be warned, during those days after the first, there may be a solar eclipse! Solar eclipses change the time of day instantly to night, giving the monsters the advantage due to dwarves going blind without any light and the monsters possibly increasing in strength! (Strength 1 boosts are given to wolves, digging zombies and Fury of the Night zombies, also Venomburners will be able to suck mana out of dwarves.)

Final Shrine/EndgameEdit

This is the dwarves' last chance, the final shrine must be protected at all costs. Once this shrine dies, the game is over and the dwarves lose.

  • Note: The amount of dwarves left does not matter in terms of killing a shrine and winning the game as a monster. Dwarves in close proximity to the shrine regenerate its power. To destroy the shrine, stand close to it and remove/kill the dwarves from the area of the shrine.
  • Note: Dwarves cannot win under any circumstances. The game is designed as a survival of how long the dwarves can last as they relive the last moments of their dwarven civilization. The monsters win every time.

Trends Edit

  • Usually the first shrine is outdoors and the final shrine is indoors
  • The amount of Gold left in the Dwarven Gold Pool is a good indicator of how much time the dwarves have left
  • Less dwarves die during the day than during the night
  • Player monsters get stronger over time as they upgrade