Game Master Mode is a paid service that allows users to host a game of DvZ for 10.00 US$. This was introduced as part of the October 29th (2015) Update.


Hosting a Game will cause a new server to be opened with a Gold title named after the account that it was purchased under. The Games Host will have a slot reserved in the game, for the entirety of its duration. Gamer Master Mode gives you some control over the games parameters whilst complying with the Minecraft EULA. These options include:

  • Selecting the Map
  • Selecting the Event
  • Copy Kit Mode
  • Blood Moon Mode
  • Random Hat Mode

Available MapsEdit

Game Master Mode has its own selection of maps comprised of old, current and new maps. These include:

Available EventsEdit

Copy Kit ModeEdit

Copy Kit Mode will give all players in the game the Hosts selected loadout. This has varying effects on the gameplay and can either lengthen or shorten the game depending on the selected items. Kits without Jimmy Juice tend to yield shorter games as most players aren't accustomed to manual healing. As each weapon is balanced around excelling in one area and being weak in others, all players having one weapon tends to mean Dwarves cannot effectively deal with some mobs which can greatly impact the game.

Blood Moon ModeEdit

Blood Moon Mode gives all Dwarves Jump Boost allowing them to clear 2 Block high jumps.

Random Hat ModeEdit

Random Hat Mode gives Dwarves random hats. This includes hats that aren't available for purchase (e.g. Bruces Beard)