Brick 192
"Buy now and I'll throw an extra slab in for free!" '- Deadbones

Notice: This item is no longer part of DvZ following the June update An EZ Fix Slab is an item that places an 11 block wide, 5 block tall, 3 block thick wall of blue, glued bricks in the direction that it is placed when activated.

Each Slab placed down creates an 11 block long- with the midpoint being directly in front of the dwarf and 5 blocks on either side of that - 5 block high - the block directly in front of the dwarf's feet is the first layer, with 4 more layers above it - and 3 block thick wall of blue, glued bricks in the direction the dwarf is facing, appearing 2 air blocks in front of the dwarf when used.

EZ Fix Slabs may only be placed after the plague event has concluded.

Dye powder cyan

Upgrade EffectEdit

The Employee Benefits upgrade increases the amount of EZ Fix Slabs that a dwarf starts with.

Upgrade Level Effect Cost
I 2 EZ Fix Slabs 500
II 4 EZ Fix Slabs 750
III 6 EZ Fix Slabs 1000
IV 8 EZ Fix Slabs 2000
V 10 EZ Fix Slabs 5000

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