"With this Dagger, you move more quickly and are resistant to knockback. This dagger also poisons enemies"

Gold Cost Loadout Cost
30,000 gold 16 points

Base Damage: 15 (3 hearts though 60% resistance)

+ wither -1/3 heart per sec for 5 secs and +1/2 heart of damage to each attack.

Speed Boost: Makes a dwarf's base speed 30% increase of the defult speed

Eviscerate: eviscerate is a damaging stab 140 attack damage (70 hearts) that has a range of 3 blocks and has a 60sec cooldown against Resistance (60% damage reduction) it does 56 attack damage (23 hearts) and to ogers/ golems it does 28 damage (14 hearts). Each bow kill reduces the cooldown by 10 secs

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