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"Forged by the great Dwarven Blacksmith Goldfounder Pause, this Dwarven Runeblade is made out of ancient clocks and dyed with the blood of Ice Dragon Yrvader, Crassle's late father."

The Dwarven Runeblade is a dwarf's default melee weapon

This weapon (as of the summer update) has had a huge nerf. The proccing ablility has been moved over to the Greater Runeblade.

The Dwarven Runeblade does 15 attack damage, which is the same as the Greater Runeblade

Unlike the ordinary Minecraft sword, you cannot block with the Runeblade.

The Dwarven Runeblade is unable to activate a PROC.

Alternatives Edit

Obtaining Edit

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A Dwarven Runeblade

Obtaining the Dwarven Runeblade is very easy, simply right click on the diamond swords scattered around the map. A dwarf cannot have any sword in their kit for the dwarf to get a dwarven runeblade

Trivia Edit

  • The Runeblade is incapable of using the Vanilla Blocking mechanic due to it actually being a Diamond Axe, and not a sword. This is for balancing reasons.
  • The hanging Runeblades around the map are climbable, as they are retextured ladders.

Costing Edit

Item Name Level Gold Cost Point Cost
Dwarven Runeblade I 0 Gold 0 Points

This item costs nothing, so it is useful for custom builder kits where you don't need to do a lot of melee fighting.