Starting Off Edit

The first loadouts you want to purchase are the preset loadouts. These loadouts are easily purchasable with the weekly 4500 gold bonus. This allows you to use all of the weapons within the game, and helps you identify your playstyle and your favourite weapons. This way, you can put together a custom class that suits you the best.

Do not rush to get a weapon. Weapons alone will not achieve much, and are extremely expensive, so you should get to know all of the weapons before making your decision on which one you want in your build.

Later Edit

After you decide on which weapons you want and figure out your playstyle, begin to plan out what you want in your loadout. Would you want more wrenches to stay in combat longer, or would you want more materials to help build walls? This is where your playstyle comes into consideration, so you can select the additional items you want in your loadout to aid your combat effectiveness. For instance, more aggressive players should choose to have more wrenches, while people more reliant on bows should consider the use of Massive Quiver.

End Edit

After you complete your custom class, play a few games with it. Try to see what you can improve in your loadout. Are you spending too many points on a certain item? Are you using less of an item that you anticipated? If this is the case, you should revise your loadout, and replace some items which you don't need, or add items that you constantly run out of.

Once you are certain your custom class is perfect for you, then have fun with your custom class! Once you feel bored with it, then you may consider making a new custom class, and starting over.