Coward Points (CP) are a way of discouraging players to quit their games early. This was because some players would quit when they died and not play as monster at all.

Each Coward Point a player has increases their chance to die or be infected by a plague. For Rage and Death, they might die instantly. Along with increased chance to die, they will not be allowed to be a Hero.

Obtaining Edit

A player receives Coward points if they do not play for at least 10 minutes as a monster in a game. They receive 1 CP if they leave before they have played 10 minutes as a monster.

Losing Edit

To lose Coward Points, a player needs finish a game. Every game a player finishes rids them of 1 CP. This does not need to be a complete game from the start.

Grace Points Edit

A player who continuously completes games and avoids coward points will be able to go past 0 CP and get Grace Points. You can get up to 5 Grace Points in which, if you were to receive a normal CP, instead you would lose 1 from your total Grace Points. This was the ultimate compromise between players who had to leave early once in a while, but didn't want to get CP and players who always left games early. In a sense, to reward players who stay the whole game normally.