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After yet another defeat in lands unknown to their current generation, a group of dwarves found themselves delving deep into the forests of the South, hoping to escape the clutches of the monsters that plagued them for a millennia. As such, they stumbled on a lost civilization surrounded by mountains and overgrowth. They made quick work of the woodland around, building paths and digging for resources to climb up the ladder.

One day, the group of dwarves made a tremendous discovery: a huge temple with its entrance built into an overhang in the mountains. They turned the rundown temple into a forum of sorts; placing a dias shrine in the center to act as a tribute to those of the old.

Things, however, began to change drastically for the group. After a lonely dwarf burrowed his way into a massive cave, full of ore deposits and minerals as far as the eyes could see. The dwarves built one last shrine in the center of the cave in order to give thanks to the land. Little did they know, the terrain far off would begin to change monumentally as a punishment for its rediscovery. Slowly but surely, the area and its life began to die off and corrupt. Eventually, a demonic portal would form out of the land, plaguing some of its residents and bringing back the same threat the dwarves worried of for years. The monster plague had arisen on their new lands. Every remaining dwarf that had not succumbed to the wretched curse picked up their swords, bows, and shovels, and prepared to face the enemy head-on.