Notice Edit

With the removal of Creepers, AI Rats are no longer in the game

Destruction Creeper AI Rats Edit

When a Destruction Creeper with the Infestation spec explodes it will spawn AI rats. They have 200 Health, deal an insignificant amount of damage and can aggravate onto a dwarf if hit by one. These rats burrow into Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick and Cobblestone and allow the blocks to be easily broken by other monsters or they can be reawakened by a Broodmother.

Broodmother AI Rats Edit

When a Broodmother left-clicks it's awaken rats it will spawn AI rats. These AI rats have the same amount of health as the Destruction Creeper rats and deal the same damage, however these rats will despawn after 10 seconds. These rats attack each other to awaken Destruction Creeper rats which have burrowed into blocks thus destroying the blocks. However since the update from PMC to BW the Broodmother rats are broken and must be hit to aggravate.

Things to be Aware ofEdit

When rats form their swarms on a Broodmother, they are nearly impossible to kill because they will continuously re-spawn at a rate that make it impossible to take them down with out a PROC.